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Getting Frustrated? Feeling of no Control? Let us help.

Ever feel like you are yelling more than teaching? You want to get your son or daughter some great experience but they just don't get the basics, right...?

STOP! Take some time before your lessons to remember what it was like when you were learning. Did you love the yelling your parents did or the lack of real info and commands? What worked for you and what didn't?

We, here at Positive Drive, want to help parent learn how to instruct. It's not just about the extra pedals it is about teaching the learner in a positive environment and knowing how to read the learners next move. Believe me when I say that we don't like to use the pedals in our cars. We want the learner to make mistakes. It is the fastest way to learn.

As parents we are greats at telling our kids what not to do. But we also need to tell them why and what to do instead.

The perfect example is something hot. "Don't touch that it is hot!"

OK, that may be so but when do we tell them why they shouldn't touch it? Or what to do to make it safe? When does a child actually learn the outcomes of touching the thing that is hot? Only when they touch it and learn the consequence, right? So why not adapt this to your driving lessons?

I am not saying let them crash the new car, but let them make a few mistakes. They are 16 years or older, and they know how to amplify. So when they hit a curb they know that it could damage the car. But really does it? Let them hit a few and they will correct by trail and error.

Learn how to see things that are about to happen and before you start yelling. Sit in on a few lessons with your instructor and get some great pointers. Learn the simple commands we use to get students to follow the correct routine. Become the best parent instructor possible. It will not only make the future lessons less stressful, it will save a few dollars in driving lessons as well!

Get you son or daughter to book a free Keys 2 Drive lesson. Register at or click the Keys2Drive link in our Resources page.

Your instructor will then explain what we teach and why. It will also get you in the car and see how good your child really can be in a positive environment and focused lessons.

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Rod is an amazing driving instructor Highly recommend him.

Skye - Student

Easily best driving instructor in Perth, he's a good bloke and doesn't mind having a laugh with you, driving with Sean was a great experience and I highly enjoyed it.Highly recommend him to anyone learning to drive.

Jason - Student - Sorrento

Every lesson was a step closer to achievement . Learning with Sean was fun and every drive involved something different and a great experience each time . highly recommended to anyone willing to learn .

Amber - Student - Newman