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Our qualified, experienced and dedicated driving instructors is what makes us Perth's premier driving school north of the river.

Our business is driven by people who love their job and want to educate their students to a high level of skill, safety and confidence that will not just get them past the driving test but set a foundation for a better driver in the future.

    There are several way we do this:
  • by training in best practices that focus the student's long term skill set, rather than driving test pass rates,
  • focusing on quality lessons for reasonable prices
  • educating and advising both students and parents on being a good instructor and a good student. We actively promote parents involvement in the car on lessons and have instructors available outside of lessons for both student and parents driving lessons advice.
  • We believe that there is always a positive side to every outcome and promote this with our students. During lessons we teach students to focus on their skill-set, confidence and the desired outcome to help them conquer the negatives states of uncertainty, fear and anxiety that can quickly arise, in early lessons, when the student feels like they are "just not getting it."
  • Our instructors have received student referrals as a result of their positive training methods used. These methods can greatly assist students, as they can reduce negative states that can have them feeling anxious and uncertain, especially at test time
  • Our driving instructors have an extensive skill set and vast experience, both within the industry and beyond it. They are driven by the will to make a difference in lives by sharing their skills with students to get desired outcomes. Positive Drive instructors are personally selected by the owner and are required to undergo continual upskilling. We won't take just any instructor. Upskilling is completed through Department of Transport testing and auditing, along with peer on peer lesson feedback.

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Rod is an amazing driving instructor Highly recommend him.

Skye - Student

Easily best driving instructor in Perth, he's a good bloke and doesn't mind having a laugh with you, driving with Sean was a great experience and I highly enjoyed it.Highly recommend him to anyone learning to drive.

Jason - Student - Sorrento

Every lesson was a step closer to achievement . Learning with Sean was fun and every drive involved something different and a great experience each time . highly recommended to anyone willing to learn .

Amber - Student - Newman