Info For Learners

Parents Yelling? Feeling frustrated because you aren't progressing with mum and dad? Let us help..

Students, remember that it has been a while since mum and dad has done a lesson themselves.

Now lets think why they are getting agro...... Is it because you can't drive? Is it because you aren't listening? Or is it because they are not able to teach and are frustrated that they cant?

9/10 time I would say it is the last reason. We know your driving is not 100% which is why you are a "Learner Driver" and if you are not listening then, sorry, you need to be yelled at! 🙂 But more often than not, parents are frustrated that they can't get their thoughts into your head fast enough to make the difference. Basically the thought pattern is this: "I know how to drive. I have told them how to drive. Why the hell aren't they just doing it".

If only it was that simple. Be verbal with your parents. Explain what it is that your want to focus on. If they don't get then ask them to come on a driving lessons and talk about it with your instructor. We understand that all students learn differently and at different rates.

The best thing you can do is book a free Keys2Drive lesson. Register at or click the Keys2Drive link in our Resources page.. Your instructor will then explain what we teach and why. It will also get your parents in the car and see how good you really can be in a positive environment and focused lessons.